Bronze package

Dyed Charcoal Tint

Standard Pro & Standard Series


If you’re primarily interested in the head-turning style change that comes with custom tint, look to SunTek’s Standard Pro Series and Standard Series product lines, engineered with economical dyed charcoal technology.


Both tint series have a non-reflective charcoal tone when viewed from inside or outside a vehicle and deliver the full benefits that naturally come from being in an area shaded from the sun: added privacy, reduced glare, less heat, and UV protection of 98% or more. 

Silver package

Carbon 2-Ply Window Film
Premium Lifetime Warranty

The CarbonFX Series is a “True” Color-Stable film with a rich, black tone. CarbonFX utilizes the most advanced Dyes on the market. The Deep-Dyed, 2-ply, 1.5Mil polyester film adds in multiple stages of UV Inhibitors during the manufacturing process to insure your film maintains its rich color as the day it is installed while blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays. This is the film of all Dyed films and carries our Premium lifetime warranty against excessive color change.

Polarizauto offers computer cut window tinting for picture perfect!

  • 100% Accurate Tint Film Application

    Our “micro-edge” film cut technology makes tint film application quick, flawless, and ready to apply!

  • Faster Process = Faster Installation

    Once we have your vehicle selected in our advanced software system, we simply point, click and go!

  • Custom Tint Designs

    We have a complete library of cool tint cut designs including the ability to add your own custom cut window film design.

gold package

Ceramic 2-Ply Window Film
Premium Lifetime Warranty


The IRFX Series is an IR Blocking Film that delivers 62%+ IR rejection! Utilizing our proprietary IR technology, the IRFX Series makes you car feel cooler and look cooler on those hot days. Color stable film with Rich, black tone, great optical clarity with no distortion, unmatched scratch-resistant coating, 99% Ultraviolet A/B Rejection, Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We carry a variety of shades to meet your style!

Window tinting shades are measured by VLT (visible light transmission),
which is the percentage of light that passes through your windows.